Défilé HEAD 2015

Each year in September, the catwalk show of the collections of the bachelor and master students in fashion design takes place at HEAD–Geneva. To accompany this the students in visual communication at the school are asked to design the program of that event with fictive content. One design is then chosen to create the final program. Here is my proposal. My concept was to create a layout using my hands by tearing the fonts apart and reassembling them again, as a fashion designer would assemble fabrics to create an item. I also wanted the public to participate in the « act of creation », so I added a folding game in the brochure. The aim is that the people fold the pictures as indicated to create new assemblages.

Concept__Lisa Siggen, Mathias Hangartner, Megan Bonfils, Michael Jobin and Louise Daubin-Pujos
Design__Lisa Siggen
Format__16 x 28 cm
Typefaces__NewParis Headline and Suisse Int’l
Tools__Photoshop and Indesign
In collaboration with__Pierre-Alain Giesser and Aurélien Farina