Écologie graphique et signalétique urbaine

As an exercice, I was asked to layout and illustrate Écologie graphique et signalétique urbaine from Jérôme Denis and David Pontille. This text analyses the singular place of signage amongst the diverse kind of graphics you find in public spaces. For example, it depicts the visual pollution bad signage can bring to a place and how a city is overwhelmed by visual informations. I wanted to highlight that aspect, so I took pictures of diverse billboards or traffic signs whose content was replaced by peaceful pictures of nature. Those images are the only static and quite element of the picture. I applied a motion blur on the rest of it to represent the continuous movement of a city and its continuous stream of visual information. For the layout, I played with the idea of typographic imbrication to remind how signage is nested in spaces.

Concept__Lisa Siggen
Design & photographs__Lisa Siggen
Format__19.2 x 25.5 cm
Tools__Photoshop, Lightroom and Indesign
In collaboration with__Pierre-Alain Giesser