Electronic Beasts

Electronic Beasts is the result of a course on VJing. We had the option to choose a song and create whatever we wanted from it. I decided to work on Beast, Pt. 2 from the french DJ Rone. The track is composed of electronic and beast sounds, so I created a visual universe that reminds the listener of the music. The use of glitch effects brings an electronic aesthetic and adds some movement to the image. As the video had a time limit of 3 minutes, I had to shorten the song, which originally lasts 6:26.

Concept__Lisa Siggen
Directing/Filming__Lisa Siggen
Starring__Alik and Linka
Tools__Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Modul8
Thanks to the owner of the Huskys__Bertrand Hürlimann and Anaïs Baridon