IHC IQIP – Explainer video’s

IHC IQIP offers high-quality and state-of-the-art equipment, advice, knowledge and services worldwide. This facilitates efficient building operations in the offshore wind, oil and gas, coastal and civil engineering markets.

Along with an IoT platform, IQIP asked us at Acato to create explainer video’s for their C-66 and C-36 control units, which are innovative systems allowing better control of your equipment.

The aim of those explainer video’s is to show the upsides of those systems to the clients of IQIP. This focus group is already using IQIP’s equipment, but how do you bring them to upgrade their older systems to the new ones? 

My challenge was to show the advantages of the equipment in a technical, yet attractive way. This is how I proceeded:

1. Deciding about the right style, together with the client.

2. Helping the client to wright a script suited for explainer video’s: not too detailed, attractive storytelling, not too technical.

3. Creating a storyboard according to the script.

4. Illustrating the storyboard and preparing the visual assets for the animation.

5. Animating the assets and bringing the project to life.

6. Finalising the video’s with the sound design and voice-over editing.

7. Adding subtitles to the final video’s.

The client was very happy with the end results. That is why we got to make in total 3 video’s for them. They were diffused on their website and social media’s.

© IHC IQIP and Acato for the designs

Illustrations Lisa Siggen, Nellie Keizer
Motion Lisa Siggen
Voice-over script IHC IQIP, Lisa Siggen
Sound Design Lisa Siggen
Tools After effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator
Music Saidbysed – Sprite Star (C-66) and Emmit Fenn – Tangled (C-36)
Foley Sounds Zapsplat