Ad Nauseam – Cave Ne Cadas

Ad Nauseam is part of a class project called Collection Compulsive. As part of the course in editorial design given by Demian Conrad, each student was asked to create a book of 740 pages on the theme of compulsive collection. The aim was to work and reflect on the sequence of images. The constraint was not to create the images ourselves, but to find them in various sources. The theme I was given to work on was « churches ». The book is constructed of 2 parts : Ad Nauseam (To The Point Of Nausea) and Cave Ne Cadas (Take Heed You Do Not Fall)

Ad Nauseam
The images from this section of the book were taken from the website whose mission is to provide the most complete report possible of abusive priests in the USA. The idea for this section was to show a sample of accused persons to the point of nausea through the abundance and incessant scrolling of these devilish yet smiling faces… The faces were printed when there was almost no ink left in the machine, which produced a similar quality for each picture and created a progressive deterioration until reaching the complete erasure of the faces.

Cave Ne Cadas
In the beginning, the Church was a place of worship. Then it became an institution, a power, a source of mistrust, of schism, of war. Initially of great significance in society, it gradually lost its status of power. Nowadays it gathers tourists. From a place of worship, it became cultural. Its architecture is the final trace that is left to us. This section of the book is based on that trace. Cave Ne Cadas is a kind of representation of the decline of an ideology that loses more and more significance in our modern society.

Concept Lisa Siggen
Design Lisa Siggen
Format 10,8 x 17.5 cm
Typeface ITC Franklin Gothic Std
Tools Photoshop and InDesign
With the guidance of Demian Conrad