I created the visual identity for Debatmeester during my internship at Studio Duel. Debatmeester is a Dutch initiative from Ivar Lingen and Theodore Pronk, two journalists from The Hague. They want to stimulate social debates with journalistic productions on local political issues. Each month they present a talk show in which they talk about topics that matter in the city: De Slag om het IJspaleis. The whole identity consists of a website, motion graphics for the TV talkshows and digital posters and visuals for the social medias. Debatmeester can be literally translated as a master of debats but also as «de badmeester» which means lifeguard in Dutch. The logo was created with that wordplay in mind and in the same spirit followed the entire identity which is playful, illustrative and striking, just as politics should be, right?

You can visit Debatmeester‘s website here and Studio Duel‘s here.

Concept Lisa Siggen, Studio Duel
Design Lisa Siggen
Typefaces Damn Noisy Kid, Nutmeg, Interstate, Proza Libre
Tools After effects, WordPress, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
With the guidance of Hederik van der Kolk (Studio Duel)
Music Caterpillar