This project is a presentation of the so called Vox-ATypI classification, devised by Maximilien Vox in 1954. The object is a booklet that you unfold until revealing a poster. First, you discover the booklet which explains the different typefaces using the Vox-ATypI classification‘s logic and, once you open entirely the booklet, you see a decorative poster which has the purpose to teach particularities of the different font families. Each typeface is linked to a symbol that we find on the both sides, so that we can compare and relate each part of font to its classification. It’s a way to familiarize our eye with the shapes and characteristics of the font families. The scriptes and manuaires were deliberately omitted.

Concept Lisa Siggen and David Héritier
Design Lisa Siggen and David Héritier
Format 56 x 84 cm
Typeface ITC Franklin Gothic Std
Tools Illustrator and InDesign
With the guidance of Michel Wlassikoff