dockdock is a fresh new product out there which consists of a payment app that gives you control over your subscriptions. It takes all your stress away by the means of payment reminders and clear warnings. We were asked at Acato to design the app and its branding (digital and print).

Our challenge was to represent dockdock through its USP’s:

1. Overview and control
2. Transparent and clear advice
3. Flexible payment
4. Guarantee on your subscription

The branding needed to be friendly and the app easy to use.

In this project, I was mainly responsible for the visual design of the app but also for a part of the user experience.

This project is property of dockdock.

UX Annet Van Vulpen, Lisa Siggen
VD Lisa Siggen, Joni Hartog
Branding Nellie Keijzer
Typeface Work Sans
Tools Illustrator, Sketch


Clear onboarding
A conversational app
Detailed insights into your subscriptions
Clear payments overview
Warnings to help you out