Kinetika – A Bachelor Project
Kinetika’s books are experimental editions working with a mobile application which aims to present musical contents like music albums or EPs.

Kinetika’s dogma
Permit the user to download the music and listen to it at its leisure. Link the user to important and interesting content about the album and the musician. Enable the user to navigate quickly and simply through the contents thanks to the application. Avoid the user spending hours searching for information on the internet. Give free rein to an artist or designer to express themself by creating a visual universe for the music featured, as well as animations for the tracks. Link the animations to the book by using augmented reality to be able to play them instantly. Enable the user to rewind, fast forward and pause the animations on demand, for a better experience. Give the user the freedom to simply listen to the music or to listen to it whilst being visually stimulated for a more fulfilling experience. Kinetika is a new way of promoting music as well as enjoying it !

Concept Lisa Siggen
Book & App design Lisa Siggen
App programming Yvan Siggen
Format 20.5 x 20.5 cm
Book typeface Amplitude
App typeface Hypatia Sans Pro
Tools Sonic Visualiser, After Effects, Illustrator, InDesign, Vuforia, Xcode
With the guidance of Pierre-Alain Giesser, Claudy Iannone, Laurent Khuni