Open Source Publishing

Open Source Publishing (OSP) is a collective of designers. They only work with open source softwares and materials and share all the sources of their projects with the public. This brochure introduces the collective. I followed their philosophy while choosing only open source typefaces. The layout reminds of pop up windows, what made me think of their website.

This booklet is part of En Boîte, a box of 35 brochures in 50 copies published by the Haute École d’Art et de Design – Geneva. Ana Lourenço and Tina Ahmadi designed the box made out of cardboard.

Concept Lisa Siggen
Design Lisa Siggen
Format 13 x 18,5 cm
Typefaces VJLibertine, Aileron and Merriweather
Printing Riso EZ 571 E
Tools Photoshop and Indesign
With the guidance of Pierre-Alain Giesser and Aurélien Farinas