Échelles magazine 02 – Spolia

I was invited by Échelles magazine to produce illustrations for their second issue.

Échelles is an editorial collective born on the benches of the UQAM School of Design in Montréal. Published annually, the magazine brings together essays, reviews, stories, interviews, conversations, and thoughts about the environment in which humans manifest.

Their second issue is about Spolia, which means:
Parts from a past building recycled and reused into new structures, most typically the reuse of classic Greek and Roman sculptures into paleo Christian and medieval architecture.

Beyond the architectural detail or collage, spolia is an affirmation of a conquering of the defeated. Spolia is the retranscribing and the “taking back” of history.

The text I was asked to illustrate is written by Marion Paquette, a multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal. The text is about her project Aménager l’aléa – to manage randomness. Her framework of artistic intervention settles within the paradoxical aspect of the presence of intimacy in the public sphere and its impact on the latter.

Artistic direction Joanie Brisebois, Camille Ouellet M, Virginie Jameson
Project manager Lea Cadieux
Illustrations Lisa Siggen
Tools Graphite pencil, Photoshop, Illustrator

Photo by François Ollivier