Network4cars Pitch

Network4Cars is an internationally operating b2b car importer and exporter. Their customers are dealers, universal garages and lease companies. During summer 2019, they approached Acato to make a proposal for a new website. One of their main focus is to gain the confidence of their customers and the designs needed to support that idea. The client was very impressed about the clean designs that we presented to them, but for budgetary reasons, they chose another company above us.

This project is property of Acato

UX Annet Van Vulpen
VD Lisa Siggen
Motion Lisa Siggen
Typeface Archivo, Roboto
Tools Sketch, After Effects


Immersive hero with company's video about their story
Top cars overview
USP's overview
Testimonials to gain trust
Prominent newsletter for retention
Products page in cards or list view
Pro account versus none
Pop-ups for conversion
Clear product detail page
Product feature overview